Nestville Master blender 9yo

Master Blender 2018 is a 9-year-old limited edition special blended whisky. To achieve the perfect whisky flavour harmony, we blended the distillate of four selected oak barrels from archival stocks filled at the end of 2008 and in 2009 for maturing. Each bottle is original with its own handwritten serial number, barrel number from which it was taken, date when the barrel was filled and the date of bottling. Each label has been signed by Head Technologist Ing. Lucia Jakubíková PhD., who crafted this unique whisky. The whisky content was selected from four prepared samples by an expert committee made up of recognized whisky experts, including Jim Murray, author of the world-famous Whisky Bible, whose signature is also on each bottle. Master Blender 2018 limited edition was released in a quantity of 1475 bottles and has an alcohol content of 46%.

The 2008 edition was grain whisky with a high proportion of wheat and rye and originally matured in 700-litre French oak barrels and used sherry barrels.
The 2009 edition used in this blended whisky was supplemented by corn and new, 200-litre American white oak barrels for maturing. Malt used in both editions was lightly smoked with hardwood and enhanced at high drying temperatures, which allowed it to partially caramelize. A portion of the blend was matured in Tokaj wine barrels, which added delicious fruity charm to the whisky and highlighted its sweetness.

Nestville Master Blender Whisky is typical for its full flavour and is deliciously spicy, with sweet and fruity undertones and vanilla aroma.

Color: Light amber.
Nose: Vanilla, dominant oak and fruity notes after wine.
Palate: Powerful sweetness coming from dried fruit and wine mixed together with oaky tannins.
Finish: Long and harmonious. Sweetness is embracing spiceness into subtle and delicious silkiness.