Balsam is a word that implies healing and is associated with well-being. The word implicitly expresses gentleness and care, positive emotions. The word Tatra represents the Tatra region, characterised by the variety of herbs used in the preparation of various pharmaceutical products and medicines, herbal teas (Cyprian tea line) …
Liqueur production has a long tradition in the North Spiš region and is associated with the liqueurs produced by the Morgenbesser family, such as Hokejka liqueur. If anyone wonders how a company that dares to say customer satisfaction and health are of utmost importance for them, and yet produces alcoholic beverages (liqueurs), it should be noted that the production of quality herbal liqueurs was once the sole domain of pharmacists and practically every pharmacy had its own liqueur or elixir speciality.

Tatra Balsam

Tatra Balsam Gift pack

  • Nestville whisky gift pack, 4 x 0.05 l
  • Gift pack Tatra Balsam
  • Gift pack Tatra Balsam miniatures
  • Tatra Balsam with two glasses
  • Tatra Balsam Sweet 33% 0.05 l
  • Tatra Balsam Bitter 35% 0.05 l
  • Tatra Balsam Special 52, 52% 0.05 l
  • Nestville Cherry Liqueur in a gift box, 35% 0.7 l
  • Tatra Balsam Forest Wind 35% 0.05 l

Gift Pack Tatra Balsam

Darčekové balenie Nestville whisky 4x0,05l