Nestville Single Malt

Nestville Single Malt Whisky is a limited edition single barrel whisky released at the Nestville Open Fest 2018 in a limited quantity of 427 bottles. To produce this unique whisky, we carefully prepared 100% barley malt. The uniqueness of this malt was obtained by smoking with beech and cherry hardwood. The whisky was matured in a new American white oak barrel numbered S09701. Each bottle is original with its own handwritten serial number, barrel number from which it was taken, date when the barrel was filled and the date of bottling.

Nestville Single Malt Whisky may especially excite you with its full yet delicate flavour, grain aroma and floral finish that pleasantly soften the sourness of oak and highlight the vanilla. The first product in the Nestville Single Malt range is carefully selected to satisfy the demands of genuine malt whisky enthusiasts.

Nose: Pleasantly sweet and malty with touch of vanilla and floral finish.
Palate: Delicious and sweet taste of malt with dominant oakiness and vanilla touch.
Finish: Caramel and honey with floral finale.