Nestville Black & White

Nestville Whisky Black and White Edition is a special edition of Single Barrel Whisky aged in Sherry casks. The practice of aging whisky in Sherry casks began in England, where they were quite fond of buying sweet Spanish Sherry in casks. Once the casks were empty, the English had no use for them and burned them, which caught the eye of a certain whisky maker. With visions of cheap barrels, he gave them a try. He was pleasantly surprised by the result, and this started off the tradition of Sherry-ageing whisky. The Sherry cask gives Nestville Whisky B&W a magnificent, singular shade of brown and the unique flavour of fresh ripe fruit.

Color: Bright amber.
Aroma: Sweet intense fruit flavor with oak finish.
Taste: Intense fruity to spicy taste of sherry with a strong undertone of wood and tannins.
Finish: Fine spicy finish with delicious fruity and oak flavor.