The BGV distillery is one of the most modern grain distilleries in Central Europe. The company is located near Stara Lubovna, where the distilling tradition dates back to the 18th century. Daily production capacity is 35,500 laa. / day, which means that we produce up to 112,000 hl. of absolute alcohol annually. Our plant also the capability of producing anhydrous alcohol with molecular sieves in a volume of 15,000 laa / day. The capacity of storage tanks is about 2500 m3. We also have an accredited testing laboratory for alcohol analysis available at the distillery. Our experienced transporters and logistics experts provide reliable transport directly to our customers.

BGV product range

  • Alcohol used in foodstuffs

    (meets the analytical and sensory requirements of ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin according to Regulation No 110/2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council)

  • Technical alcohol
  • Generally denatured alcohol

    (in accordance with Commission Regulation No 1309/2005)

  • Specially denatured alcohol

    (in accordance with Ministry of Finance Edict No. 202/2004)

  • Absolute alcohol
  • Pharmaceutical alcohol
  • Farmaceutický lieh





Production Diagram

  1. Grain delivery

  2. Silos

  3. Scrapping

  4. Hydrolysis

  5. Fermentation

  6. Distillation

  7. Alcohol storage

  8. Shipping

  9. Dregs

  10. Liquid

  11. Solid (gurmit feed)


Accredited testing laboratory

The BGV testing laboratory performs physical and chemical testing of spirits and alcohol and determinations of starch in grains within the scope of the accreditation referred to in the annex entitled ACCREDITATION CERTIFICATE NO. S-318.

The Aquanest brand offers a wide range of non-food products. The products are under constant development to meet and exceed the technical and ecological requirements of the latest technologies.

Aquanest completely removes ice, grease and dirt from vehicle windscreens and protects wipers from ice. It is safe for automotive paint and plastic parts, protects washers and wipers from corrosion. It is methanol-free, which extends the life of wipers, and is gentle on paint and headlamps. The Aquanest winter fluid will fill your car with the fragrance of aloe vera and apple.

Aquanest summer wiper fluid is intended for washing glass and headlamps.  It removes grease, dirt, and insects. It is made of high quality ingredients that do not leave residue or smudges on glass. It is safe for paint and plastic parts and protects the washers from corrosion. Aquanest PREMIUM is also suitable for use in the chilly spring and autumn weather up to -5 °C. The fresh melon aroma makes it pleasant to use.

Used as a cleaning and degreasing product, as well as for burning or lighting. The product has a high content of superior spirits that will not damage auto body or auto paint.

A universal spirit that is suitable for alcohol stoves, but is primarily used as fuel for alcohol fireplaces. It burns in a natural yellow flame, with no ash or soot and a long burn life. It is clear, colourless, and odourless.

Demineralised water is used to dilute windscreen washer fluid, for rinsing, for preparing laboratory solutions, in steam irons, to water plants, and various technical purposes. It leaves no traces of water, it is colourless, tasteless and odourless – it is clear fluid. It is produced from potable water using reverse osmosis.