The BGV distillery is one of the most modern grain distilleries in Central Europe. The company is located near Stara Lubovna, where the distilling tradition dates back to the 18th century. Daily production capacity is 35,500 laa. / day, which means that we produce up to 112,000 hl. of absolute alcohol annually. Our plant also the capability of producing anhydrous alcohol with molecular sieves in a volume of 15,000 laa / day. The capacity of storage tanks is about 2500 m3. We also have an accredited testing laboratory for alcohol analysis available at the distillery. Our experienced transporters and logistics experts provide reliable transport directly to our customers.


Production Diagram

  1. Grain delivery

  2. Silos

  3. Scrapping

  4. Hydrolysis

  5. Fermentation

  6. Distillation

  7. Alcohol storage

  8. Shipping

  9. Dregs

  10. Liquid

  11. Solid (gurmit feed)


Accredited testing laboratory

The BGV testing laboratory performs physical and chemical testing of spirits and alcohol and determinations of starch in grains within the scope of the accreditation referred to in the annex entitled ACCREDITATION CERTIFICATE NO. S-318.

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