It’s difficult in today’s fast-paced world to sit back and enjoy its delicious taste, but we want you to make the time and stop for just a moment, spend a few moments with us, enjoy the finest chocolates and delectable Belgian pralines. At Nestville Chocolate, we have plenty to tempt you with.

We just think it would be nice to simply stop for a moment and indulge in some divine chocolate. Chocolate brings people together, it’s a reason to be joyful. We want you to savour that pleasure and happiness in each sip, in each bite.
Indulge in a moment of serenity and joy of life.

Experience endless fun and adventure with your kids in the outdoor playground at the chocolate kingdom Nestville Chocolate! Surrounded by a plum orchard, the playground has suspended and spring swings, climbing frames, a rope pyramid, slides and a wooden house with a helter-skelter. An attractive landmark is the stork’s nest with a helter-skelter slide and balance equipment.

All the playground’s attractions provide not only safe entertainment but harmonious and versatile development for your children. See for yourself and make them smile from ear from ear with a visit! While they are having fun, you can relax and enjoy your favourite Belgian chocolate or home-made sweet dessert.